Aluminum oxide powder with active surface to be used as catalyst in other chemical processes

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Desired outcome

We are producing Aluminum oxide BP as a parallel product in the production of Kerrock sheets. Kerrock is composite material consist of 2/3 Aluminium hydroxide (filler) and 1/3 Polymethyl methacrylate (binder). At the end of production process of Kerrock sheet, the cast Kerrock sheets are surface sanded to equalize the thickness. This creates Kerrock powder, which is further thermally processed in a continuous Reactor in a fluidized bed at high temperature (possible is regulation from 850 to 1100 °C). We get the product Aluminum Oxide BP. The chemical and crystallographic analysis of the product is in the 2nd appendix.
This product of ours is currently used as a raw material for the production of ceramic tiles.
Our challenge is to add some active element during the production process phase, which would adhere (bind) to the large surface of our product Al2O3 and we would get our new product, which could then be used as a catalyst in the chemical reactions of liquid or gaseous substances.

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Initial Problem Description

We would like to develop Alumina oxide of higher added value.
We know that catalysts, with aluminum oxide carrier, are used in chemical processes. At Kolpa, we are specialists in the production of acrylic composite materials and we do not know the field of inorganic materials well enough to find out what these catalysts are and also how to bind these "catalysts" to our Aluminum oxide carrier


It is necessary to find where this type of catalysts are used; the catalysts with an Aluminum oxide support/carrier with similar specific surface like our Aluminum oxide BP (50 - 100 m2/g). Then which active elements are usually applied to the surface and then develop the process of making such a catalyst on our Aluminum oxide carrier.

Connection to cross-cutting areas

Aluminium oxide, our new product, have big sustainability impact in production of Kerrock sheets.
In the past, Kerrock dust (an intermediate product of the production of Kerrock sheets) was waste and was disposed of in landfills. Now this Kerrock powder, intermediate product, is immediately further processed into Aluminum Oxide.


We would also be happy to employ an expert or a graduate, who would do a diploma in this field of inorganic materials, in the company.


We expect that, as experts in the technology of obtaining inorganic alumosilicate materials, they will choose a suitable product/type of catalyst for us and advise us on how to produce it.

Desired Team Profile

Experts in inorganic porous and powder materials based on aluminum oxides.; developers, researchers, technologists, i.e. market experts.

Additional Information

Please, first look at the properties of the currently produced Aluminum Oxide in the 2nd appendix. This is the starting point for the development of a future catalyst with a large surface area.

Related Keywords

  • Industrial Technologies
  • Chemical Technology and Engineering
  • Anorganic Substances


Kolpa d.o.o. is producer of bathroom equipment (brand name Kolpa san) and acrylic composite material (brand name Kerrock). 6 production plants. 600 employees. Strong investment in production technology and in R&D.


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