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ENVIT Ltd. is R&D micro SME, a spin-out company from the UNI of Ljubljana, SI. ENVIT developed ReSoil® technology for removal and simultaneous immobilisation of “toxic metals“ and other pollutants from contaminated soils. ReSoil® is an INT’L patented innovation and the only one in the world that efficiently removes up to 95% of Pb and As and preserves soil as a natural resource for safe use, well in accord with the DG 14 goals and the EU “green deal“. ReSoil® was awarded a Seal of Excellence from the EC.

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Environmental Services
2-10 employees
Small and Medium Enterprise

About our Innovation Strategy

ENVIT Ltd. developed a ReSoil® technology which is a groundbreaking remediation solution that enables closed-loop removal of heavy metals from contaminated soils through a zero-emission process with no wastewater, while preserving soil as a natural substrate

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